Commercial Partners

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Commercial Partner 2021

LUXE Digital Now - Lead Technology Partner

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company. We specialize in the beauty, luxury, fashion and technology industries, and we innovate, design and strategize the best delivery in digital marketing and technology solutions. As a company, we feature building social media campaigns, e-commerce and content management platforms that strengthen businesses. LUXE Digital Now creates campaigns and content that move people. The company develops strategies and experiences that elevate brands and engage consumers. LUXE Digital Now develops branding that exudes the best. In addition, we create technologies that execute data and elevate mobile apps.

Excelling with Data Technology Solutions
LUXE Digital Now has contributed a lot of innovative technologies to the beauty and luxury agencies across the globe. Some of the data technology solutions involve AiDAS, the company’s smart mirrors and software development for the cosmetic industry. LUXE Digital Now has blazed the trail for innovation in technology.

Disruptive Technologies, a necessary change in the Beauty Industry
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an important asset in the E-commerce industry. Emerging technologies bring in new possibilities in sectors that could turn its face towards automation and digitization. The fashion world is no exception. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like augmented reality and virtual assistance are bringing an evolution of using technology to fulfil customers need. Starting from apparel designing to manufacturing process and virtual merchandising, AI is invading every nook and corner possible. Virtual make-ups and trial rooms are exciting fanatics of fashion with technologies that feel like a dream. The fashion sector is now ushering into a new era of technology-led disruption. LUXE Digital Now LLC is one of the innovative digital marketing and technology solutions company that is leading beauty industry into the era of digitization.



"Microbiome-friendly" is the first independent certification worldwide to scrutinize products regarding their effect on the human (skin-) microbiome. Keeping a balanced, unharmed microbiome is a key factor for healthy skin and scalp and maintaining its homeostasis.

We serve customers worldwide, mainly USA, Europe and Asia. MyMicrobiome does not only certify end products but also ingredients to prove that they will not stand against a “Microbiome-friendly” certification in a formulation. MyMicrobiome developed seven pre-defined standards for face and body; scalp; infant skin; private parts; foot; nasal and oral microbiome.